Stop the administrative burden and start being strategic

Modernize your retirement plan
Smooth 401k

Employer – The legislative, regulatory and product landscape has evolved to allow us to offer a new solution that addresses employer’s issues and concerns. This streamlined approach focuses on addressing the primary issues of cost, administration, and risk mitigation.
Advisor – With Smooth 401(k), a team based approach allows advisors who specialize in working with individuals, executives, and business owners to partner up with an experienced 401(k) team.
This new product capitalizes on recent changes in regulatory and vendor environments to build a better experience.

Our Pillars

Team Based Approach

With the complexities of working with retirement plans and individuals. It is challenging to become a jack of all trades. This process-orientated solution enables qualified professionals dedicated to their specialized tasks to support and connect everyone on the road to retirement. 

Ease of Administration

Utilizing software for full 360 payroll integration to minimize most of the administrative responsibilities.

Maximize Fiduciary Services

A local 3(38) fiduciary advisor with investment discretion, is only a phone call away. 3(16) administrative fiduciary services available that would help take on many compliance features, as well as the signing, filing, and submitting the form 5500.


Through our pooled concept this provides economies of scale with cost of providers.