Foundation of Strength

Pillars we stand by

In a complex environment, we look to bring stability and strength to your team. Our pillars we have built stand at our core of our product and what we believe in. Utilizing decades of experience in the 401k industry, we have brought together the best in class providers into our solution. Each pillar established has the business owner and financial visor in mind.

Smooth Record Keeper

All features are important to a 401k plan to run the right way, but the record keeping providers is the most used and client facing product. So it is important the provider has the right tools, technology, and features to keep our clients on track and help them get retirement ready. That is why we have brought in one of the best record keepers in the business with Empower. They will be the engine behind Smooth 401k and give our clients and participants the best features and technology in the market.

Smooth Administration

We understand the work that goes into running a business. That’s why our goal is to make your life easier and reduce your liability involved in offering a retirement benefit. We have put together services that will look to take on most of the day to day tasks involved and as much fiduciary responsibility that we can. From a possible 360 payroll integration to the 3(16) services on your plan, , with providers handling most of the services to help take on many compliance features, as well as the signing, filing, and submitting the form 5500.

338 Investment Advisory Services

We believe in offering the highest form of fiduciary protection to our clients and plans. This gives employers peace of mind knowing that their offerings to the staff are best in class and up to date. Instead of outsourcing this protection, we will be taking on this role as a local fiduciary giving you a local contact to connect with. Quarterly reports and active monitoring of these options will

Pooled Concept

The SECURE Act of 2019 enacted a major provision into the US retirement marketplace in opening up other options with multiple employer plans. The new adjustment was allowing Multiple Employer Aggregation Programs ( MEAP), which is a group retirement program that multiple unrelated employers can join through their association with an offering organization. That offering organization acts in an endorser capacity for the MEAP, as opposed to a plan sponsor capacity, like the PEP or MEP. The key difference is that the joining employers still maintain their own single plan document and financial advisor and are not grouped into one large plan with other participating employers.

The program aggregates many of the services to create efficiencies and typically includes administrative and investment fiduciaries to oversee many operational and fiduciary tasks for the program and its adopting plans. The MEAP is excellent for employers who want to take advantage of collective purchasing power, a reduction in administration time and less fiduciary responsibility and risk, while avoiding many of the administrative and plan design complexities associated with joining a single plan with several other employers.

Employee Education and Financial Wellness

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