Review Existing Plan

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Evaluating and Benchmarking a plan


  • How much are you paying relative to other plans your size


  • How much do your investments perform compared to others in the same asset class


  • Do you have underperforming required propietary investments


  • Are you taking advantage of tax credits available


  • What services are you receiving relative to the fees you are paying


  • Do you have an experienced dedicated service team from all vendors


  • Are you utilizing an old product or platform with less versatility


  • Are you receiving support in M&A transactions


  • How intuitive is the website for employers and employees


  • Have you maximized integrations for ease of administration


  • Have you conducted a cybersecurity check of vendors and processes


  • What is the availability and functionality of smart phone applications


  • What is the enrollment process for new hires


  • Do you have an education plan and track retirement readiness


  • Have you integrated or evaluated additional employer benefits


  • Does your service team have enough depth

Our Integrations

Smooth 401(k) has partnered with licensed software, company payroll integrations to help streamline your administrative day to day task involving running your 401k plan. This provides 360/180 integration between our vendors and majority of major payroll providers. This most importantly can reduce risk and liability, while saving time.

Contact us for a full list of our payroll integration partners.

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